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Posted on September 17, 2019

So much to store, so little space…

It’s an ongoing battle: where to put those essential objects that you use every day but want to hide away until they are called for. You also don’t want to spend precious time opening drawers and removing lids until you find where you last placed them.

Fortunately for every article-overloaded person out there, the Homz 6qt SnapLock® Clear Storage is the answer to this typical storage situation. The durable, see-through plastic can handle ongoing use without cracking under pressure, while the lids snap on securely and stay closed. Line them up in a neat row or stack them on a shelf—however, you want to arrange them, the totes are ready to serve your organizing needs as the following examples demonstrate.


A Box for the Bling[i]

“Where’s that earring back?” “I know I have a pearl bracelet somewhere!” “I’ve got the chain—now where’s the pendant?”

Is this the conversation you have every time you’re on a jewelry hunt? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have all your personal jewelry neatly organized, instead of hidden away in tiny boxes or worse, loose in a drawer where they bang into each other? It’s not only a wonderful idea, it’s easily do-able!

Gather all your baubles, bangles and beads, then place each item (or set for coordinating pieces) into a resealable bag. For items that are subject to tarnish, use anti-tarnish bags that still offer a view of the items inside. Necklace knotted? Place it on a clean plate, sprinkle the knotted spot with baby powder and it should undo itself with very little help from you. Then, keep it from re-tangling by cutting H-shaped pieces of cardboard and wrap the necklace around the center before fastening.

Line a clear plastic shoebox—or two if you’re a jewelry junkie—with a soft foam sheet to help protect the jewelry and keep the bags from sliding around). Store the bags inside the box, laying necklace bags flat while standing smaller earring bags upright in a smaller carton that will fit within the larger container. Now you can quickly retrieve the right accessory that will make your outfit pop!


A Cummerbund Container [ii]

Okay, maybe your accessory list runs more to belts than fancy cummerbunds but in either case, you still need a place to keep those waist cinchers when they aren’t doing their job.

Roll them, buckle first, then stand them either on end or on their sides with the loose side down. If you have a large assortment, organize them in multiple boxes in a way that makes the most sense to you: by color, by type: casual versus formal, or by material: cloth, leather and metal. Store the boxes on your closet shelf where you can quickly match the belt to the item.



A Case for Cosmetics[iii]

Blush, face powder, eye shadow and mascara. Eyeliner, lip liner, lash curlers and make-up brushes. And then there are the manicure supplies: polish, files, clippers and foam toe separators. So many items to make you so pretty. But how can you keep them all neatly stowed away when you don’t need them?

Clear storage boxes are the ideal solution. Store all your manicure items in one box, storing polish bottles horizontally if needed, and placing files, clippers and foam pieces each in their own resealable bag. Follow the same plan for your makeup items: eye shadows, liners and mascaras in one box, and face products (blush, powder, foundation and other essentials) in another. And since what goes on must come off, use a third box for face wash, cotton balls, makeover remover pads and other products that are part of your beauty routine.

The tight-fitting lids keep all your cosmetics safe and secure, plus allowing you to stack-and-store, rather than dumping them into a drawer or cluttering up the vanity top.


A Shoe Storehouse[iv]

All those cardboard boxes that your shoes came in have one major flaw: you can’t see what’s in them. And do you really have time to create labels with pictures of all those shoes to glue on the front? Instead, opt for an unobstructed view of those heels and flats, boots and booties by storing them in clear containers. Then, place the out-of-season footgear high on a shelf or in the back of the closet and keep the ones you’re wearing now front and center.

Tip: Let your shoes air out a bit before storing them to avoid “stinky-itis” then store with a dried used tea bag inside each shoe. Or baby them with a nice dusting of baby powder or baking soda. Another option is to fill a cotton sock or knee-high hose with clean kitty litter, tie tightly and slip in each shoe. Running shoes will benefit from cedar sachets that offer a dual benefit: the fragrance of nature and anti-fungal properties!

Finally, corral all your shoe accessories—extra laces, inserts, orthotics and footwarmers—into one box so you can find them when you need them!


Office Supply Storage [v]

Step one is to sort the items keeping like with like: paperclips and staples in one box, pens, pencils, correction fluid and markers in a second, envelopes, stamps and return address stickers in a third, and spare ink cartridges in yet another. The clear boxes make it easy to see what’s where and also alert you when you are running low. Use an inexpensive bookcase or shelving unit to store the boxes.


Guest Tips[vi]

Guests coming for an overnight or longer? Invest in some storage boxes and leave them in the guest space so your visitors have a place to keep their personal items during their stay! Add some travel-size guest toiletries—soap, shampoo, conditioner, hand lotion, mouthwash, toothpaste, floss, cotton balls and swabs—along with a few snack items to make them feel extra-special!



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Posted on September 17, 2019

Laundry Room Hacks

A family of four can accumulate an average of five loads of dirty clothes per week, which means a lot of time spent in the laundry room – and yet it’s probably the one room in the house that so often doesn’t get the same amount of TLC. Give your laundry room an organization makeover, as well as a little flare, with these products from Homz.


Create Stations
It is easy to lose focus on the tidiness of a laundry room (after all, it’s all laundry, right?), but the key to organization is making sure you are designating space to each step of the laundering process. Create a stain station for all your tough pre-wash needs and store all your treatments and other small accessories in the MyCraft Over the Door Hanging Organizer for added storage space. Then create a folding/ironing station with the Homz Iron and Ironing Board Holder with Basket. This easy-to-mount holder uses minimal wall space and conveniently holds your iron, supplies, and ironing board. Tight on space? The Homz Anywhere Ironing Board is 15% larger than typical countertop ironing boards but still portable enough to hang in a closet or wall to provide an easy out-of-the-way storage option.

Buy the MyCraft Over the Door Hanging Organizer 

Buy the Homz Iron and Ironing Board Holder

Buy the Homz Anywhere Ironing Board


Get Imaginative with Space

A little ingenuity is often needed to create space in a laundry room. Consider flipping two shelf brackets on their heads and fastening them to the wall and shelf to store folded linens. The Homz Multi-Use Self-Adhesive Hooks are easy to mount on walls or undersides of shelves and are great for hanging shirts to dry or to support a towel rod for a row of shirts on hangers.

Buy the Multi-Use Self-Adhesive Hooks

Contain Your Cleaning Supplies

A common source of frustration in the laundry room (other than endless piles of dirty clothes) is finding a place for all those cleaning supplies. The Homz Woven Bin is a tough, plastic bin that boasts a fun basketweave design in several colors. This will ensure all your detergents, cleaners, and bleach are stored together in a stylish manner.



Go Vertical to Dry

Laundry rooms often become quickly cluttered when it comes time to dry, resulting in clothes draped over the dryer, cabinets, and doors. Utilize your room’s vertical space to create more space. The Homz Retractable Clothesline is easy to install and can expand up to eight feet of drying space, while the Hanging Sweater Dryer has a three-tier drying surface and easily hangs from any closet rod. Always a classic, the freestanding Drying Rack is collapsible and offers ample space for draping clothes. Finally, you can reclaim counter space to actually fold clothes!

Buy the Retractable Clothesline

Buy the Hanging Sweater Dryer

Buy the Drying Rack


5 Tips to Decorate Your Laundry Room

Now that your laundry room is organized, give it a little flare with these simple tips

  1. It’s easy to forget to treat the laundry room as you would any other space in your house. Pick a color scheme and utilize it in determining curtains, wall colors, and décor.
  2. Keep a stylish change jar or piggy bank near your folding station to store loose change found when sorting clothes.
  3. Paint an outdoor box and fasten it to the wall near the dryer to use as a mini trash can for lint.
  4. Create a lost-sock clothesline to hang found socks in need of a mate.
  5. Find stylish penny candy jars to store powdered detergents or laundry pods (just be sure to keep them out of reach of little hands).


Sources include Buzzfeed, HGTV, MarthaStewart.com, MoneySavingMom.com, SouthernLiving.com

Posted on September 17, 2019

Crafternoons with Homz

Keep Crafty – Never Cluttered – with Homz

Whether it’s the outcome of holiday décor or the rigors of a regular hobby, craft rooms are often left looking like the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse (except with less blood and gore and more felt and paper scraps). It’s time to take back the craft room and Homz is here to help! Below are six tips and products to help you get crafty with your craft organization.

08b1200a-5f04-493a-9fa5-0f6d36aa9556_1.31899a98a900b6abc5fea1db31bc158eAssess the Area 

The first step in craft organization is to gather all your supplies and equipment into your craft room. Now that everything is laid out before you, decide what your craft needs/goals are. Do you often have trouble finding supplies? Or are you running out of storage space for your materials? Perhaps it’s just time to take inventory of what you have or may need. Having a plan for your space will ensure you stay on task as you declutter your space.

Categorize Your Crafts 

Now that you’ve set your goals, sort through your supplies and group like items together. Fabric and sewing supplies in one area, paints and brushes in another, scrapbook supplies in another, etc. Keep going until all your craft supplies have been categorized in one way or another. And yes, it’s completely fine for one of your categories to be a “miscellaneous/I-don’t-know-what-to-categorize-this-as” category. Just so long as that’s not your only category!

 Scrap the Scrapped 

Once everything is organized by materials, it’s time to start thinking about whether you still have use for your everything. Are you still scrapbooking, or was this something you decided wasn’t for you? Does macrame still make you happy? Do you still use those model paints? Be honest with yourself. If you haven’t used these items in the past six months to a year, odds are you won’t be using them again. And make sure that the items and materials are still usable!

 Make Tough Choices 

Some of your best organization decisions will be the hardest. Sometimes there is a lot of guilt attached – money spent on supplies for a craft you ended up not enjoying, time spent on a partially finished project that’s been left to the corner of your sewing table for years, or perhaps letting go means abandoning dreamed projects or what-might-have-been. Be sure to not let your feelings affect your de-cluttering choices and you’ll be surprised how easy it will be to move on.


Declutter Your Craft Room with These Homz Storage Solutions –

  • 31Q0o1TSZXLPlastic Wicker Storage Bin: Stay organized and chic with this cute and durable plastic “wicker” storage bin, guaranteed to be a natural fit in your craft room! Buy it here. (Link)
  • 3-Drawer Medium Cart: A home mainstay, this three-drawer cart is great for organizing items by hobby and its see-through drawers promise you will never be left looking for an item. Buy it here. (Link)
  • Expressions 3-Drawer Wide Cart, Yellow Lattice: A variation on the above-mentioned three-drawer cart, except this boasts a wider frame for more storage capacity for larger craft items. Plus, the yellow lattice design gives it a fun, vintage look! Buy it here (Link)
  • 7.5 Quart Latching Tote: These stackable & latching totes are perfect for organizing and coordinating craft materials like yarns, ribbons and more without sacrificing space. Comes in a set of ten. Buy it here (Link)
  • 30-Gallon Tote: Taking your crafts on the go? This plastic storage tote bin is durable, stackable and easy to transport. Comes in a set of six with multiple color options available. Buy it here. (Link)


Keep Clutter Free All Year Long –

The hard work of cleaning your craft room is done. Now make sure it stays that way. Regularly go through your craft stash two to three times a year and get rid of the supplies you aren’t using still. When you’re shopping for supplies, only buy what you need and will use. If there’s something you just can’t resist buying and you absolutely must have, then go ahead and buy it, but plan to use it so it’s not going to just sit around cluttering your space.

Sources include: DecorByTheSeashore.com, Home-Storage-Solutions-101.com, ShinyHappyWorld.com, WhiteHouseBlackShutters.com


Valentine’s Day Crafts

Now that your craft room is organized, put your newly clutter-free space to the test with these Valentine’s Day crafts!

  • DIY Valentine’s Day Succulent Planter – These sweet planters last much longer than a bouquet and have zero calories (unlike that chocolate!). Make it here. (Link )
  • Coffee Filter Heart Wreath – We promise everyone will be talking about this wreath. Get step-by-step guides on how to dye the filters, form the flowers, and shape the wreath here. (Link)
  • Pom Pom Valentine Craft Monsters – Kick classroom Valentines up a notch by handing out these cute critters. Make them here. (Link)
  • DIY Valentine Fabric Envelopes – These versatile crafts are great for adding a personal touch to Valentine’s gifts or to create a unique Valentine’s Advent Calendar! Make it here. (Link)
  • Candy Heart Garland – Those classic holiday candies find a new use with this creative craft. Make it here. (Link)
  • Hanging Flower Heart – This fun, festive craft boasts endless different design possibilities, limited only by your imagination! Make it here. (Link)

Source: CountryLiving.com

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