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Posted on January 21, 2020

Smart College Dorm Living Tricks

College is right around the corner, and you’re probably already panicking/dreading being confined to that tiny dorm room.

Living in a dorm can be stressful enough without trying to figure out where to keep all your things. And since you’re going to be spending a lot of time there, you want it to be as nice and organized as possible. You’re strapped for space and cash, and on top of it all, you want to make the best of your time in college.

Well don’t worry, Homz has it handled! We have the best solutions to help you optimize space in your dorm room this school year. Having all your things organized in a way that’s efficient, convenient, and easy to access will make college life that much easier. These tips and tricks should help you have a better, more organized college living experience.


Hooked on Organization

Home Organization

Floor to ceiling, your dorm may be packed full of stuff already, but what about the walls? Hooks can come in handy to utilize that unused space! Using our Metal Oval Hooks to hang all sorts of items can help save space, and are convenient for things you need to reach frequently. Got a long cord that you don’t know where to put when you aren’t using it? Hang it on a hook. Always losing your keys? Put a hook near the entrance to your room so you can quickly grab them on your way in (or out!) the door.

Placing hooks on the inside of cabinet doors can also be a good way to save some space. The hooks can be used to hang anything, from jackets to back packs and curtains to bath towels. These hook hacks will help you create more places in your dorm to store things!

Clothespins are small and perfect for the dorm, use them to dry delicate clothes on laundry day or to mark your place in while reading. Another great method for organizing is to use clothespins to plan your days.

Color-coordinate each clothespin to match a day of the week. Next, you can hang cards on the wall off of a string that has your tasks, assignments, or jobs written on them to help plan your week. Reasonably priced, grab a 36-pack on Amazon HERE.




Art of the Carts


Carts with drawers are the best clutter cutters in the dorm! They can do double duty as a night stand or maximizing storage under a lofted bed. Container carts with drawers can store a lot more than you might initially think. While obvious for storing paper and tools, they also work great for storing other items too.

Color-coding a drawer for each category of item is a superb way of keeping things tidy. For a fun DIY project, create name cards with classes or paint the drawer to match the dorm décor. You could use blue, for pants or green for t-shirts, and so on. Clothing is a good thing to store in drawers since you can easily see what is inside. Using carts to store clothes can also free up some space in your closet. Having a drawer for each different category of clothing will help you keep your clothes neat. Take labeling up a notch and add an element of DIY. Grab a brush and some chalkboard paint, coating only the front exterior of the drawers. Once dry, use chalk to label contents or write fun notes for your roommate!

Another great use for the carts is to designate a drawer to each class you have. This is a good way to keep your classes orderly. With all the books you will be reading, having a place to store them all will help save you time and space. Pickup yours today at Target, Walmart or Amazon.



Dress for Success

Garment Care

Ironing boards are an essential item for college. Even better, a counter top ironing board will conserve space and still let you iron those wrinkly clothes. Maybe you don’t have time to fold them nicely after you wash them. That’s where the ironing board comes in handy. Easy to store in a closet or under the bed, the countertop ironing board will help you maintain that well-kept look. Check out the Homz Anywhere board on Amazon.




Additional Tips

Under the bed instead

If you have any room under your bed, that is more room you can use for storage! A tote to store under your bed will be very handy. You’ll be able to store things out of sight, while also being able to keep a decent amount of stuff within reach when you need it. Good for clothes, Ironing boards, shoes, you name it! 4 Pack of under-bed storage is perfect for organizing and keeping it all together!


Posted on January 21, 2020

DIY Toy Box — A Fun (and Useful!) Summer Activity

The kids are out of school, which means plenty of home-based fun time—and plenty of toys and craft supplies scattered from one end of the house to the other.

You could spend all your time repeating some version of the following: “Can you please pick up your stuff?” Or you could use a new approach and make clean-up time more fun by having the kids use toy boxes they custom decorated.

The bonus? The design phase is an activity all its own, perfect for those rainy days when the tykes are in the house and underfoot!


The Toy-Sorting Stage

Begin by involving the kids in the sorting decisions. Do they want a separate box for each type of item? Do they each want their own container? Will one bin be designated for indoor items while another marked “Outdoor Toys Only”?

Once you have answers to these questions you’ll know how many bins you’ll need. (Tip: You might want to get one extra one for those “too good to toss” toys the kids have outgrown. These can become garage sale goodies.)

Next, purchase the soon-to-be customized toy boxes—i.e. our 18-gallon storage tote in blue, black or clear (find it HERE). The size—23.5″ x 17.5″ x 15.5″—is large enough to hold small toys, craft supplies, and other assorted playthings without being too unwieldy for the little ones to handle.

Now it’s time for your tykes (with adult help!) to give their artistic abilities full rein!


The Design Phase

The sky can be the limit when it comes to deciding how to decorate the exterior of the bin. For example, if the bin will hold outdoor toys, give the box a natural look with burlap fabric, then add some ornamentation such as wooden silhouettes of birds, flowers or miniature fences from the craft store. (Tip: Have the kids paint them first before attaching.) Or, for a softer touch, use quilted fabric, felt or faux fur—ideal for toddlers.

Storing swim toys? Give the bin a nautical flair with blue-and-white striped cotton fabric, trimmed with white cording. If you’re keeping the bin outdoors, try using a water-repellent fabric.

Attaching the material is easy. Cut separate pieces for each side, the bottom, and the lid, with an inch or two extra for overlap. Then, using spray glue, attach each piece to the exterior of the bin. If desired, you can use a coordinating color for the interior.

For bins designated for specific items—for instance, cars and trucks or doll clothes and accessories—decoupage the exterior with images that match the toys to be stored. This helps with cleanup since even the littlest ones can figure out quickly what type of toy goes in which box.

Prefer not to use fabric? Spray or brush-on paint is another good choice. It’s available in a wide selection of colors and finishes, including brush-on glow-in-the-dark paint. For maximum adherence, first apply a coat of primer or paint made specifically for plastic.

For an added artistic touch, once the base shade is applied, add designs using stencils (homemade or from the craft store) and another shade of paint. Then, after you’ve painted the bin, add a coating of clear stain.

Keep the mess to a minimum by setting the bin and lid on a blue tarp before painting and having each painter wear disposable gloves.

Now that your kid-focused DIY project is complete, you might consider using the same idea for all the grown-up “toys” that you have accumulated!


DIY Toy Box

Things you will need:

-18-gallon storage tote (buy it HERE)


-Glue gun

-Glue sticks

-Spray adhesive

-X-ACTO knife

-Fabric to decorate with



Step 1: Determine style

-Is the bin for outdoor toys? Indoor toys? Once you decide on what the tote will hold, you may have a better idea of how you want to decorate it.


Step 2: Measure fabric

-Measure the fabric so that it completely covers the tote A little overlap is fine.


Step 3: Cut fabric

-Use scissors or an X-ACTO knife to cut the fabric so that you have a piece to cover each side of the tote, including the bottom and the lid.


Step 4: Apply adhesive and adhere fabric

-Next, spray the tote with adhesive. Spray one side at a time and let the adhesive dry for 1 minute. Apply fabric. Be sure to smooth out the wrinkles and make sure the fabric is holding.


-Step 5: Touch-up

-After applying the fabric, use the glue gun to touch up the edges. Repeat steps 4 & 5 with other sides. Add embellishments to complete your design.






Posted on January 21, 2020

So much to store, so little space…

It’s an ongoing battle: where to put those essential objects that you use every day but want to hide away until they are called for. You also don’t want to spend precious time opening drawers and removing lids until you find where you last placed them.

Fortunately for every article-overloaded person out there, the Homz 6qt SnapLock® Clear Storage is the answer to this typical storage situation. The durable, see-through plastic can handle ongoing use without cracking under pressure, while the lids snap on securely and stay closed. Line them up in a neat row or stack them on a shelf—however, you want to arrange them, the totes are ready to serve your organizing needs as the following examples demonstrate.


A Box for the Bling[i]

“Where’s that earring back?” “I know I have a pearl bracelet somewhere!” “I’ve got the chain—now where’s the pendant?”

Is this the conversation you have every time you’re on a jewelry hunt? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have all your personal jewelry neatly organized, instead of hidden away in tiny boxes or worse, loose in a drawer where they bang into each other? It’s not only a wonderful idea, it’s easily do-able!

Gather all your baubles, bangles and beads, then place each item (or set for coordinating pieces) into a resealable bag. For items that are subject to tarnish, use anti-tarnish bags that still offer a view of the items inside. Necklace knotted? Place it on a clean plate, sprinkle the knotted spot with baby powder and it should undo itself with very little help from you. Then, keep it from re-tangling by cutting H-shaped pieces of cardboard and wrap the necklace around the center before fastening.

Line a clear plastic shoebox—or two if you’re a jewelry junkie—with a soft foam sheet to help protect the jewelry and keep the bags from sliding around). Store the bags inside the box, laying necklace bags flat while standing smaller earring bags upright in a smaller carton that will fit within the larger container. Now you can quickly retrieve the right accessory that will make your outfit pop!


A Cummerbund Container [ii]

Okay, maybe your accessory list runs more to belts than fancy cummerbunds but in either case, you still need a place to keep those waist cinchers when they aren’t doing their job.

Roll them, buckle first, then stand them either on end or on their sides with the loose side down. If you have a large assortment, organize them in multiple boxes in a way that makes the most sense to you: by color, by type: casual versus formal, or by material: cloth, leather and metal. Store the boxes on your closet shelf where you can quickly match the belt to the item.



A Case for Cosmetics[iii]

Blush, face powder, eye shadow and mascara. Eyeliner, lip liner, lash curlers and make-up brushes. And then there are the manicure supplies: polish, files, clippers and foam toe separators. So many items to make you so pretty. But how can you keep them all neatly stowed away when you don’t need them?

Clear storage boxes are the ideal solution. Store all your manicure items in one box, storing polish bottles horizontally if needed, and placing files, clippers and foam pieces each in their own resealable bag. Follow the same plan for your makeup items: eye shadows, liners and mascaras in one box, and face products (blush, powder, foundation and other essentials) in another. And since what goes on must come off, use a third box for face wash, cotton balls, makeover remover pads and other products that are part of your beauty routine.

The tight-fitting lids keep all your cosmetics safe and secure, plus allowing you to stack-and-store, rather than dumping them into a drawer or cluttering up the vanity top.


A Shoe Storehouse[iv]

All those cardboard boxes that your shoes came in have one major flaw: you can’t see what’s in them. And do you really have time to create labels with pictures of all those shoes to glue on the front? Instead, opt for an unobstructed view of those heels and flats, boots and booties by storing them in clear containers. Then, place the out-of-season footgear high on a shelf or in the back of the closet and keep the ones you’re wearing now front and center.

Tip: Let your shoes air out a bit before storing them to avoid “stinky-itis” then store with a dried used tea bag inside each shoe. Or baby them with a nice dusting of baby powder or baking soda. Another option is to fill a cotton sock or knee-high hose with clean kitty litter, tie tightly and slip in each shoe. Running shoes will benefit from cedar sachets that offer a dual benefit: the fragrance of nature and anti-fungal properties!

Finally, corral all your shoe accessories—extra laces, inserts, orthotics and footwarmers—into one box so you can find them when you need them!


Office Supply Storage [v]

Step one is to sort the items keeping like with like: paperclips and staples in one box, pens, pencils, correction fluid and markers in a second, envelopes, stamps and return address stickers in a third, and spare ink cartridges in yet another. The clear boxes make it easy to see what’s where and also alert you when you are running low. Use an inexpensive bookcase or shelving unit to store the boxes.


Guest Tips[vi]

Guests coming for an overnight or longer? Invest in some storage boxes and leave them in the guest space so your visitors have a place to keep their personal items during their stay! Add some travel-size guest toiletries—soap, shampoo, conditioner, hand lotion, mouthwash, toothpaste, floss, cotton balls and swabs—along with a few snack items to make them feel extra-special!



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