4 Practical Steps to Organize Seasonal Gear and Hand-Me-Downs


Picture it…

You’ve brought home the newest addition to your family (congrats!). It’s a stressful, exhausting, and exciting time. You go to the storage closet to pull out big sisters baby clothes but find a stack of boxes with assorted items instead. The task seems too big. So you close the door and head out to Target to grab a few onesies and a cart full of other delightful items (how did those get in there?!?).

I get it, spending time on items that are no longer needed seems like a waste when you have so much else going on. But, taking the time when it’s not urgent will save time and money in the future when you need something RIGHT NOW. Like when the first snow hits and you need snow pants ASAP. Baby boy outgrew those 3 month tops literally overnight and you need something that can actually fit over his head. With 3 kids I’ve been there and know you don’t have hours to sift through boxes and bins, you need it now.

To save you from future headaches, I partnered with Homz Products to share a few quick tips to organize seasonal gear and hand-me-downs at the end of each season.

Step 1: Sort

If you don’t already have a “Too Small” bin to toss outgrown items in the interim, I highly recommend it! (Find the details HERE.)

Start with a good sort session before transferring anything into long-term storage. First, pull out anything that is damaged, not practical (that baby 3-piece seemed like a good idea until you actually tried to put it on), or didn’t end up liking it. Once you are left with the items that are usable and loved, sort them into categories that make sense for your family. Examples include size/age, gender, family member, and season. If you are sorting after each season it should be quick!

Pro Tip: Store like fitting clothes together, not necessarily by stated size. If a shirt is marked as a medium but fits more like a large, keep it with the larges.

Step 2: Contain

Once everything is sorted you’ll need a durable storage solution. These items have value or else you wouldn’t go to the trouble of keeping them – so treat them accordingly! Clear latching plastic bins will protect clothing from moisture and critters that might otherwise ruin them. They are also easy to stack and contents are viewable at a glance. Shop a variety of sizes from Homz Products HERE.

Step 3: Label

Now that you’ve gone through all the trouble of sorting and storing, don’t forget the label! Labeling will help you quickly find what you are looking for in the future. It can be as simple as a piece of paper slipped into the front of a clear bin, marker on masking tape, or more permanent like a vinyl decal (customize yours HERE).

Step 4: Store

Long-term storage calls for a cool dry place. Where possible, try not to stack bins more than 2 high with the use of shelves. This helps with the accessibility and durability of your bins. Also, be sure to leave room to walk between rows so that nothing gets overlooked.

I hope you found these tips helpful to organize seasonal gear and hand-me-downs!

– Laura iheartbins.com

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