Home Decor Ideas to Embrace in 2022


As we enter into 2022, it is the perfect time to try out a few new home decor ideas to start the year off fresh and organized. We gathered 5 of our favorite home decor ideas below, complete with the products to make the vision a reality!

1. A Place For Everything

According to a study conducted by OneDesk, “The top five items that people misplace in their homes regularly are shoes, keys, TV remotes, phones, and glasses.” To help, begin creating intentional spaces in your home for each of these items. These simple key hooks are a great way to keep your keys in their place. Hang on a wall near your front door for easy organization, complete with a sleek design that adds a decorative touch (not to mention these are completely renter-friendly!).

1. Beautify Your Laundry Room

2. Beautify Your Laundry Room

With 2+ years of staying home under our belt, our living spaces have become more important than ever. With that, there is a new push for the utilitarian rooms in our homes (like laundry and mudrooms) to be functional and beautiful. To achieve this, consider beautifying your everyday items, like clothespins, by displaying them in a jar or container. 

Also consider investing in laundry essentials that can be easily tucked away when not in use. This triple-mesh laundry sorter is great because it is easy to stow away and its wheels make it quick to transport between rooms. This over-the-door drying rack is also great for drying laundry without taking up space!

3. Open Shelving, The Right Way

Open shelving seems to be THE trend right now in home decor. The problem? Most of us own items that aren’t pretty enough to display 24-7. To help keep your open shelves organized, utilize decorative storage. Available in a variety of sizes, these woven plastic storage bins are the perfect starting point for open shelving organization. Begin by grouping any small or non-display-worthy objects together and tucking them away in a bin. Then, incorporate the bins into the larger display for a more streamlined look. 

4. Revamp Your Home Office

2020 brought about a LOT of changes, including the transition to working from home. With many of us still at home, home offices are no longer a want but a need. Keep files, supplies, and other office items organized in storage that is functional and stylish, like our 3.5 quart geo pattern plastic storage bins. These storage bins work great for any room in your home, and can easily be transitioned to another room when you get called back into the office!

5. Embrace Dark Accent Colors

From bathrooms to nurseries, dark accent colors are a force to be reckoned with this year. Not ready to commit to a full, dark accent wall? Opt for dark accent pieces instead! This flexible rope-handled storage bin works great as a pop of dark gray that you can adjust as the seasons change.


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