Top 5 Organization Essentials for Holiday Storage


Wrap up the holidays like a pro this year with our Top 5 Holiday Organization Essentials. Durable enough to stay in the basement or garage, but attractive enough to store anywhere, choose these Homz holiday storage items for a gift that keeps on giving!


#1 – Gift Bag Storage Container

$11.99 on Amazon

Keep loose gift bags and tissue in their place with the Gift Bag Storage Container! Made from durable polyester fabric that can withstand ongoing use, this container makes organizing miscellaneous wrapping items a breeze.

Tip: Collect any fun gift bags that you come across! Everyday shopping bags are becoming more aesthetically pleasing, so add in some fun tissue paper and ribbon for a reusable gifting set.

#2 – Small Holiday Heirloom Storage Container

$14.21 on Amazon

Nothing brings out Scrooge like a broken ornament. Avoid unnecessary ornament casualties with this Holiday Heirloom Storage Container! With two rows of storage, this polyester container safely stores 24 ornaments and stacks nicely on any shelf. 

Tip: Ditch the bubblewrap! These built-in cloth dividers keep your ornaments safe and secure without the extra plastic.


#3 – Light Organizer

$50.61 on Amazon (2 Pack)

Planning a Griswold-worthy light show this year? Pick up these light organizers to keep your lights tangle-free in the off-season.

Tip: Don’t throw away those extra bulbs and fuses! Store them with your lights for future quick fixes.


#4 – Wreath Plastic Storage Box

$57.90 on Amazon (3 Pack)

Keep even your most fragile wreaths secure with this Wreath Plastic Storage Box. The clear plastic top allows you to easily identify the wreath while keeping critters and dust out.

Tip: Wreaths aren’t just for the winter! Spruce up your front door all year-round with a selection of local foliage. 



#5 – Wrapping Paper Storage Container

Show your wrapping paper some love this year by picking up this Wrapping Paper Storage Container! The plastic container keeps wrapping paper dry and wrinkle-free by storing it upright and covered. That way, you can grow your collection every year instead of starting from scratch!

Tip: Save those scraps! Reuse an empty wrapping paper roll to collect any untorn paper for next year, while smaller pieces work great in scrapbooks.


Be sure to pick up these products to make your holiday cleanup a breeze! 

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