Un-decking the Halls: 5 Storage Tips for Holiday Decor


Those holiday decorations are soooo last year.
{Sorry, new year’s humor is not my best material}

Since it’s time to un-deck the halls this sponsored post could not come at a better time. With these simple tips and my favorite storage solutions from Homz Products, Christmas 2020 will be even better than the last.

1.  Pack by Room

Pack up and store decorations by room or genre (depending on how you decorate). This eliminates hunting for items in the future and allows you to complete one space at a time.

24″ Holiday Wreath Box
Pro Tip: Did you have a memorable tablescape this year? Snap a picture before you tear it down so you can easily recreate it in the future.

2. Purge

Take note of the things you didn’t put out this year and anything that may have been damaged. Now is the perfect time to eliminate those items.

Duffle Bag Tree Storage stores tree up to 9 ft
Pro Tip: Check with your local recycling service before tossing old lights. Older strands may contain compact fluorescent bulbs that require alternative disposal methods.

3. Wrap Lights

I think everyone remembers the scene from Christmas Vacation when Clark Griswold hands his son a giant ball of tangled lights. Don’t be a Clark and wrap your lights this year. Your future self will thank you.

Holiday Light Wrap Storage
Pro Tip: Also wrap delicate garlands to keep them tangle-free.

4. Proper Protection

Decorations can be expensive, delicate, and irreplaceable. Be sure to protect your investment with the right storage solutions. Ensure wreaths keep their shape in a hard-sided wreath box and ditch the cardboard by storing your tree in a durable tree bag. Containers designed for ornaments not only protect them but eliminate unnecessary packaging – saving space.

Holiday Latching Ornament Storage
Pro Tip: Fold over ornament dividers to make room for larger ornaments and tree toppers.

5. Color Code

Color coordinating your storage containers not only looks good but makes it super easy to find everything next time around. There is no missing these bright green and red tubs, they practically scream Christmas (I think they might even sing Jingle Bells if you listen closely).

Holiday Plastic Storage Tote Box
Pro Tip: Label everything with the container contents so you know right where it goes when decorating.

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